Jerry Granelli/Jay Clayton Duo “Sound Songs”

2013-07-11_JGranelli_Jerry_amp_Jay_033Jay Clayton and Jerry Granelli are two seasoned, jazz-based players who compose as they go and produce sparking music of concise, classic proportions, enriched by a contemporary apprehension of Third World and classical innovation.

Each musician has a supreme command of timbre and an ability to get inside the sound of the other. Listening to them explore, expand and contract a musical idea , it’s easy to forget that you are listening to just a singer and a drummer.

“with no chordal instrument Jay Clayton and Jerry Granelli create so Jay_and_Jerrymuch melodic and harmonic content effortlessly, like grown-up children at play…”

“Jay Clayton and Jerry Granelli create music on the spot with a level of communication that is almost telepathic.” Seattle Times