Sheila Jordan/Jay Clayton “bebop to freebop

SHEILAJAFor decades, Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton have been challenging convention and creating daring new expressions in jazz. They team up to take listeners on a musical adventure of scat, ballad, sung poetry, improvised lyrics and more. 

“Jordan and Clayton were clearly having a blast as two women who know exactly what they want to wring out of every song they do. You hear lots of jazz instrumentalists having musical conversations, but rarely do you get the chance to hear two inventive vocalists having those conversations on stage.” Brent Hollenbeck, Burlington Jazz Festival
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“Clayton in her tone poem, Jordan in her slung-low jazz, the bassist and the guitarist held the audience so tightly that even the air was stilled. If the “aim of waking is to dream<” as Cummings wrote, then this evening was the sweetest of dreams.” Paloma Capana, Rochester International Jazz Festival