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Sing Your Story 

Are you trying to learn the art of jazz singing, but don’t know where to start? Pick up Jay Clayton’s Sing Your Story! This practical guide will keep you in check as you begin to put your voice out there.

Clayton offers an insightful look on how to find the best material for you to sing and the short-cuts in “talking down” your arrangements to your rhythm section.

She also gives suggestions for a successful practice session and where to begin with improvisation. This book also comes with a CD full of instrumental accompaniments for you to practice with. Any aspiring jazz vocalist would benefit from this book.  


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Never call a contact person when you are feeling down.”

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s the kind of practical, everyday advice young artists don’t hear often enough.

They’ll get plenty of that and more in vocalist Jay Clayton’s brief but powerful new handbook, Sing Your Story: A Practical Guide For Learning And Teaching The Art Of Jazz Singing.

This 60-page booklet (and CD) offers nuts-and-bolts vocal exercises, tips about how to practice and prepare for gigs, plus a gentle but firm, been-there philosophical gravity most jazz educational tools lack. It also includes a section about Clayton’s specialty–free-improv–you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. …  Paul De Barros – Downbeat Magazine